Get used to feeling posh.


For the launch of Premium Economy, Virgin Atlantic have decided to do something different and offer punters the chance to win a real title. But first they have to take a ‘poshness’ test at

Whilst online, users can also explore the new Premium Economy cabin and all it has to offer. To drive traffic to the site, NetX developed a big offline campaign, ‘poshing up’ Martin Place rail station and turning it into ‘Martin Palace’. Practically every poster site, along with floor and escalator media in the station has been usurped by Virgin Atlantic. And cabin crew handed out samples of a new fragrance, Le Cuir - the scent of real leather (seats).

With the promotion running throughout May, it won’t be long before we discover who will be the first Baron of Bondi. Or Marquis of Malvern.

A collaborative effort between our friends at One Green Bean and Mitchells and NetX.

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